Leucippus Updated

How can  a person have a relationship with that superfluity, that superstition and that pseudo-explanation? What kind  of religious experience could that be?

  Theists, I query, how does He act in the Cosmos when He has no intent? Ah, with John Hick you’d find something like his epistemic distance argument that as He does not want to overwhelm our free wills with evidence, He comes forth ambiguously? No, no divine intent, means He cannot even hide! John L. Schellenberg’s hiddenness problem finds that He so hides Himself ,people can wonder what would be that difference betwixt His hiddenness and His non-existence?

    How can people have a relationship with an ambiguity?

  Now, Hick, no rationalist He, contradicts His Scriptures that when Yahweh performs grave punishments, His actions don’t overwhelm His sheep! They still “sin!’

   We naturalists prefer evidence for claims and find that necessity rules, not animism!


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